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NS Novelties Wave Review

[Image Description: A selfie of me, a light-skinned aboriginal person, wearing a grey t-shirt with a design of two interlocking Mars signs and a banner that reads “Gay Punk Heart”, and rainbow suspenders. I am holding the NS Novelties Wave, a rainbow dildo that is in a wave shape with a bulbous head. The dildo is suctioned onto a green acrylic paddle.]

I have to make a confession: I mostly bought this dildo because it looked nice. There’s been a veritable explosion of rainbow and other pride flag-themed toys recently, and I really wanted one to display in my new dildo closet. The NS Novelties Pride range have been the most accessible rainbow dildos in Australia for a while (but now we have the Geeky Sex Toys pride flag insertables!) but the realistic ones run a bit bigger than I am usually comfortable with. The Waves dildos are a much more manageable size and a more appealing shape for my g-spotting preferences. I thought that the Wave would be something I could suggest as a first dildo – it’s body-safe, easy to clean, anal safe and strap-on compatible, reasonably priced, easy to buy in Australia, and is visually appealing on top of all of that – but the Wave has actually become one of my favourite dildos. Continue reading “NS Novelties Wave Review”


Body-Safe Toy Materials

[Header Image Description: A photo of me, Finn, a pale-skinned indigenous non-binary person with straight blond hair past my shoulders. I am looking quizzically into the distance, holding a purple dildo and a pink bottle of Sliquid Sassy lube. I am wearing a shirt that says “This is my selfie top”.]

I talk a lot about body-safe toys on this blog, but I have never explained what I mean in my own words. Maybe you’ve just walked into a brick-and-mortar store and found a wall of products that you’ve never heard of before – how do you make sure that your next purchase won’t harm you? Hopefully this guide will help you work that out. Continue reading “Body-Safe Toy Materials”


Toy Cleaning and Maintenace

[Header Image Description: A light pink dildo, the Fun Factory Bouncer, under a stream of water.]

So, you’ve got yourself a new sex toy, and you want to keep it clean! A good dildo should theoretically last you a lifetime, so I would recommend looking after it properly to get the most use out of it. Even if you’ve bought a vibrator with a motor will eventually give out, you still want to make sure you don’t prematurely end your time with it. This cleaning and maintenance guide only applies to body-safe toys, because unsafe toys are more volatile and can’t be cleaned. Continue reading “Toy Cleaning and Maintenace”


Dying For A Fuck: Sex With Degenerative Disabilities

[Header Image Description: A pale-skinned hand in a black wrist brace and with red nail polish holding a rainbow Vixen Creations Mustang and a gold Godemiche Ambit.]

I feel like I have to rewrite everything I’ve ever posted on my blog. I started my blog in 2016, and I had been having physical health issues for about a year at the time, but I was still mostly ambulant, and my pain was fairly mild. (Of course, when I say “mild”, I was at a constant 3/10 on the pain scale, as opposed to my current baseline of 6/10.) Most of my focus was on learning how my body functioned as a trans person, and disability didn’t really seem to factor into that. Now disability is almost all that I think about and it affects every part of my life.  In 2016, I was not yet diagnosed. Now, eight months into 2018, I am collecting diagnoses likes scout badges. My most debilitating conditions, h-EDS and MS, are degenerative. My body, my abilities, and my access needs are completely different to what they were two years ago. I’m sure that things will be just as different in another two years, in another five years, in another 20.

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Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review

[Header Image Description: Night Shift, A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy, by Joanna Angel, sitting on a white bookshelf. The cover is a silhouette of a woman in front of a neon Peep Show and Adult Video sign.]

I listened to Kate Sloan interview porn royalty and freshly published author Joanna Angel on the Dildorks, I fell head over heels for her new book, Night Shift. Joanna Angel writes some really dynamic porn scripts (she even won best comedy release at the 2018 XBIZ awards!) so I was immediately excited to read her first novel, but when I found out it was a choose-your-own-adventure novel, I knew I had to have it. I love unique ideas when it comes to sexuality, but it’s important that they actually work, and Night Shift really, really does. The main character of Night Shift is Taryn, a college graduate who has moved back home to Pasco County, Florida, and found a job at a local sex-on-premises adult store. The store is called “Dreamz”, and just from the name I can picture the exact kind of gaudy shop this is set in. According to Joanna Angel, Taryn is essentially who Angel was when she graduated college: innocent, inexperienced, and lacking direction. No matter what level of familiarity you are at with sex, Taryn is a perfect window into this world. You get the definition of a Fleshlight for beginners, but you also get nods to cult classic toys like the njoy Pure Wand and the Hitachi.

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