2019 Run Down

[Header Image Description: A clock reaching midnight.]

Yes, I know, it’s technically 2020. My post is late. But I’ve had the most hellishly busy and delightfully social few weeks, so I just haven’t had time to look back on the year that was. 2019 was a good year for me, both in and out of blogging. I’ve written some things I’m really proud of. I’ve met a lot of goals. I’ve had some important and healing conversations with other wonderful bloggers. If you’re reading this, you’re a part of what made 2019 so great.

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Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo Review

[Header Image Description: The Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo, a navy blue semi-realistic dildo, lying on a burgundy scarf with white flowers.]

I’ve had my eyes on the Blush Novelties Real Nude line for years, and I’m so excited that Betty’s Toy Box sent me the Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo in exchange for an honest review! Blush Novelties has been producing some really great products over the past few years, and I’ve been lucky enough to review a few already. But the most exciting thing Blush is doing, in my opinion, is producing a whole range of affordable, body-safe, dual-density dildos. I’m a sucker for squish, and dual-density dildos are my favourite type. Dual-density dildos are great for gender affirmation, easily overwhelmed vaginas, and strap-on sex, and I had to know how the Real Nude line stood up to other dildos.

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Coming Out 3.0: I’m??? Lesbiab??

[Header Image Description: A picture of Marge from The Simpsons saying “Just because you’re a lesbian, it doesn’t make you less of a bein’.”]

A note about terminology: In this personal essay, I use the term “women” to include all women, cis and trans, as well as nonbinary people who consider themselves connected to womanhood.

On the 23rd of June, I quietly, slowly started changing all my social media profiles from “bisexual” to “dysphoric nonbinary lesbian”. This was a realisation months in the making, and it wasn’t an easy one. For a long time, being bisexual has been a core part of my identity. Many of my friends are bisexual, and I’ve always felt really accepted by the bisexual community. I loved being bisexual, but I started to realise that maybe I could be just as happy, if not happier, as a lesbian.

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Paloqueth Mermaid Review

[Header Image Description: The Paloqueth Mermaid, a long purple vibrator with a light curve and a divot to make it resemble a mermaid’s tail. The vibrator is sitting on sea salt flakes, spread across a coffee-coloured granite benchtop, in front of a blue and white striped sea salt container.]

I’ve been really thinking about affordable toy recommendations this year. I’m confident that I’ve found a few cheaper dildo recommendations, and I’m always on the lookout for affordable external vibrators, but I’m at a total loss when it comes to cheaper insertable vibrators. That’s why I was so chuffed when Paloqueth reached out to me about reviewing one of their incredibly affordable products. I’ve heard whisperings of the Mermaid being particularly good, and a good quality, rechargeable, silicone vibrator for around AUD 40 sounded like something I absolutely had to get my hands on!

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Book, Musings

April Fools Review: Erotic Encounters With The Mothman

[Header Image Description: Erotic Encounters With The Mothman, a thin magazine-sized book, with a cover image of a night sky. To the left of the book are the Danger! Mothman! Yu-Gi-Oh! card and the bright orange Fun Factory Big Boss G5]

It’s April Fools! I’m sure your feeds and emails are filling up with hilarious posts from talented bloggers. Unfortunately, I don’t really possess the skill of being deliberately funny, so I haven’t done anything for April Fools on this blog before. I do, however, possess a lot of weird shit, one such item being a book of Mothman erotica, descriptively titled Erotic Encounters With The Mothman: Meredith Meets the Mothman by Gwendolyn Rose. As an avid fan of both cryptids and erotic fiction, I couldn’t avoid buying this book, and when it arrived on my doorstep in November last year, I held out for five whole months for this here April Fools review.

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