Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina Review

[Header Image Description: The Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina, a thin, semi-realistic, turquoise blue dildo, with light vein detailing, small balls, and a suction cup, sitting against a blue and white striped couch.]

The Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina makes a really good first impression. It’s a lovely turquoise, the silicone is on the silkier side, with just a bit of grab, and the design is full of fun little details. I’m ridiculously enamoured with the dip at the head (which my nurse friend tells me is called the “urethral meatus” on a penis) and I’m always finding new vein-like ridges. The Reina has stylised balls, which I appreciate, because I’ve recently developed a fascination with the real-life counterparts. Another plus is that the Reina is a very good price, especially for a body-safe silicone dildo. Vibrant, who sent me this dildo in exchange for an honest review, have put it in their “First Toys” list, and I wholeheartedly agree with that decision. I feel like I’ve seen dildos shaped like this made of jelly rubber and TPR, particularly in “beginner’s” sets. It’s great to see a familiar design made of a material that isn’t going to give you chemical burns or a bacterial infection, especially at a comparable price.

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Self Love After A Sex Injury

[Header Image Description: A torso of a dark-skinned person in a white shirt, with bandages wrapped around their wrist. They are giving a thumbs up.]

People do stupid things for sex, myself included. With joints that are as loose as mine, I have to listen to my body so that I don’t cause myself damage. The means that when I am riding my partner, like I was one Monday in September, and I start to feel my hip sliding out of its socket, I should switch positions. Luckily, I was smart enough to do that, at least. When I was on my back and my partner was fucking me off the bed, and I could feel something off with my hip again, I should have shifted positions until it felt better. You’ve probably guessed already that I didn’t do that, and once I went to get out of bed after we were finished, I couldn’t move my left leg. My hip was dislocated to the extent that my partner and I could see the dent in my side where the bone should have been sitting. My legs were entirely different lengths, and the shape of my femur was visible in very much the wrong place. I was laughing, giggly like I always am after sex, but it was actually pretty frightening. Even though dislocations are more frequent for me than your average person, they’re still serious, not to mention painful. My partner helped me reduce the dislocation and I was able to hobble about after a few minutes’ rest, but I was more affected than I initially thought.

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Dildo, In the top drawer

Can You Handle It? Tantus Handles Review

[Header Image Description: The Tantus Goddess Handle, Anaconda Handle, Echo Handle, and G-Force Handle, sitting in a clear crystal vase, on a granite bench top. A cream fridge, white cabinets, and wooden floorboards are visible in the background.]

Being physically disabled frequently means existing in a world that wasn’t designed with you in mind. Out of necessity, a lot of disabled people need to be incredibly innovative, and our sex lives are not exempt from this. I’ve recently become a proponent of the paddle method, which has made masturbation so much easier. I’ve held vibes in ways they aren’t meant to be held, and found new positions that keeps my joints happy during partnered sex. However, every once in a while, there’s a product which has disabled people in mind. In this instance, I’m talking about the Tantus handles. I’ve seen them on plenty of lists about sex toys for people with physical disabilities but I haven’t seen many reviews specifically about the accessibility of these dildos. Tantus kindly sent me the whole handled range in exchange for a review.

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Dildo, In the top drawer

NS Novelties Wave Review

[Image Description: A selfie of me, a light-skinned aboriginal person, wearing a grey t-shirt with a design of two interlocking Mars signs and a banner that reads “Gay Punk Heart”, and rainbow suspenders. I am holding the NS Novelties Wave, a rainbow dildo that is in a wave shape with a bulbous head. The dildo is suctioned onto a green acrylic paddle.]

I have to make a confession: I mostly bought this dildo because it looked nice. There’s been a veritable explosion of rainbow and other pride flag-themed toys recently, and I really wanted one to display in my new dildo closet. The NS Novelties Pride range have been the most accessible rainbow dildos in Australia for a while (but now we have the Geeky Sex Toys pride flag insertables!) but the realistic ones run a bit bigger than I am usually comfortable with. The Waves dildos are a much more manageable size and a more appealing shape for my g-spotting preferences. I thought that the Wave would be something I could suggest as a first dildo – it’s body-safe, easy to clean, anal safe and strap-on compatible, reasonably priced, easy to buy in Australia, and is visually appealing on top of all of that – but the Wave has actually become one of my favourite dildos. Continue reading “NS Novelties Wave Review”


Body-Safe Toy Materials

[Header Image Description: A photo of me, Finn, a pale-skinned indigenous non-binary person with straight blond hair past my shoulders. I am looking quizzically into the distance, holding a purple dildo and a pink bottle of Sliquid Sassy lube. I am wearing a shirt that says “This is my selfie top”.]

I talk a lot about body-safe toys on this blog, but I have never explained what I mean in my own words. Maybe you’ve just walked into a brick-and-mortar store and found a wall of products that you’ve never heard of before – how do you make sure that your next purchase won’t harm you? Hopefully this guide will help you work that out. Continue reading “Body-Safe Toy Materials”