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NS Novelties Wave Review

[Image Description: A selfie of me, a light-skinned aboriginal person, wearing a grey t-shirt with a design of two interlocking Mars signs and a banner that reads “Gay Punk Heart”, and rainbow suspenders. I am holding the NS Novelties Wave, a rainbow dildo that is in a wave shape with a bulbous head. The dildo is suctioned onto a green acrylic paddle.]

I have to make a confession: I mostly bought this dildo because it looked nice. There’s been a veritable explosion of rainbow and other pride flag-themed toys recently, and I really wanted one to display in my new dildo closet. The NS Novelties Pride range have been the most accessible rainbow dildos in Australia for a while (but now we have the Geeky Sex Toys pride flag insertables!) but the realistic ones run a bit bigger than I am usually comfortable with. The Waves dildos are a much more manageable size and a more appealing shape for my g-spotting preferences. I thought that the Wave would be something I could suggest as a first dildo – it’s body-safe, easy to clean, anal safe and strap-on compatible, reasonably priced, easy to buy in Australia, and is visually appealing on top of all of that – but the Wave has actually become one of my favourite dildos.


The Wave is 1.4” in diameter, which in my opinion is a good size for people seeking to move from finger penetration to penetration with toys.

The silicone is quite soft for a single-density dildo. It’s much softer than Tantus standard density, but firmer than the Bad Dragon soft density. It’s a real Goldilocks density for me. It holds its shape while still being flexible, which means that it stays comfortable in different positions, because it doesn’t try to make my vaginal canal go in a direction that it doesn’t want to go in. If I’m not very aroused and my cervix is still a little low, the dildo can bump that, but it isn’t as uncomfortable as when my cervix is hit by something firmer, like a glass dildo. This means that I don’t have to be so focused when I thrust it, because a little nudge to the cervix isn’t going to send shooting pains through my abdomen.

However, because of the flexibility of the Wave, it does mean that I can’t bend the dildo to get a better angle or more pressure on my g-spot. If I try to direct it to a specific spot in my vag, the dildo just follows the natural curve of my vagina instead.

Another thing that I love about the silicone is that it is incredibly silky. It doesn’t pick up as much hair as other silicone textures, isn’t grainy or uncomfortable like I find some matte silicone dildos, and doesn’t need much lube to move freely, because there is so little friction to begin with. I even used it without lube once, which I haven’t done with a dildo in at least two years.

ns novelties 3
Image Description: The NS Novelties Wave next to the notorious hair-magnet, the Fun Factory Amor, a short black dildo. The Amor is covered with short white dog hairs, but the Wave only has a few hairs on the head and near the suction cup.


The design is what really makes this dildo amazing, though. Small movements make a big impact with this toy, which is really important in making a toy accessible to someone like me, with mobility issues in my shoulders and arms (as well as everywhere else). Because the shaft is a wave, there are multiple points that can stimulate my g-spot. Even though it does not have a drastic curve like you find on something like the Pure Wand, I found the Wave to be a very effective g-spotting toy. Actually, I don’t even have to hold the dildo to move it. The unusual shape allows me to rock it around just by squeezing my kegels and abdominal muscles, because each wave can be gripped by a different muscle.

I originally had a qualm with this method, as the dildo would twist around during use, but I’ve recently discovered that my g-spot is actually a little further to the right, rather than exactly in line with my belly button, so the Wave was actually just moving to press right against my g-spot. The head is also quite broad and rounded, which stimulates my whole g-spot rather than just a small portion of it.

The Suction Cup Method

However, there is something about the Wave that has changed the way that I masturbate, and that’s the suction cup. As a rule, I don’t care about suction cups that much. The image of a suction cup dildo is someone sticking it to their shower wall and using it while they shower. However, I don’t usually stand in the shower, and I don’t ever ride dildos, so I assumed it wasn’t useful to me. I tested the suction cup, though, for posterity, and it is very strong. Like, stronger than any other suction cup dildo I own. I can stick it to my wooden headboard at 8 in the morning, and it will still be there at 8 in the evening. I can’t even pull it off my headboard, I have to drag it upwards until it comes off the edge and breaks the suction. It is strong enough to stick to my palm for a few seconds.

The flexibility that makes the base difficult to hold and thrust makes it really effective at sticking to a flat surface. When I was taking my new blog photo, in which I am holding the NS Novelties Wave, I went around sticking the dildo to different surfaces in my new house – the staircase, the kitchen cabinets, the wall, the paddle I had in my hand – and that’s when I realised how I could benefit from suction cup toys. Instead of bending my wrist to thrust a dildo, I can stick it to a paddle and move it that way.

This method is a lot less precise, but as I’ve said before, the Wave is pretty forgiving, and gives a lot of g-spot stimulation with even a small amount of movement. This method doesn’t work with other suction cup dildos I own, because they are too firm to use at a range of angles. It’s so exciting to have a dildo that I can use in a way that is adapted to my disability, without compromising on the sensation.

Image Description: The NS Novelties Wave in front of a square of purple flannel flower glass.


I hesitate to say that I like the Wave better than my other favourite dildo, the Vixen Creations Mustang. I think they’re good for different situations. The Wave is gentle on my body, provides just enough stimulation to satisfy me, and doesn’t overwhelm me when I remove it like just about any other toy does right after I’ve orgasmed. However, it hasn’t got that sense of luxury that the Mustang has. The Mustang is bigger, the g-spot stim is more concentrated, and the silicone is easier to clamp down on. When I use the Mustang, I feel like I’m treating myself. The Wave is less intense, but that’s not always what I want. But, you know, if I can have two best friends, two favourite beers, or two favourite internet opossums, I can damn well have two favourite dildos. The Wave has taught me a lot about how I like to experience penetration, and if you’re looking for a Goldilocks dildo of your own, I’d suggest you give the Wave a chance.

If you’re interested in buying a NS Novelties Waves, you can find one at my favourite stores: Femplay (AU), Lovehoney (AU, US), Betty’s Toy Box (US)

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