Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina Review

[Header Image Description: The Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina, a thin, semi-realistic, turquoise blue dildo, with light vein detailing, small balls, and a suction cup, sitting against a blue and white striped couch.]

Vibrant (a store that is unfortunately no longer with us!) sent me The Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina in exchange for an honest review, and had put it in their “First Toys” list, and I wholeheartedly agree with that decision. I feel like I’ve seen dildos shaped like this made of jelly rubber and TPR, particularly in “beginner’s” sets. It’s great to see a familiar design made of a material that isn’t going to give you chemical burns or a bacterial infection, especially at a comparable price.

temp meatus
Image Description: A photo of the head of the Temptasia Reina, focusing on the divot representing the urethral meatus. The dildo is lying on a coffee-coloured granite benchtop.


The Reina makes a really good first impression. It’s a lovely turquoise, the silicone is on the silkier side, with just a bit of grab, and the design is full of fun little details. I’m ridiculously enamoured with the dip at the head (which my nurse friend tells me is called the “urethral meatus” on a penis) and I’m always finding new vein-like ridges. The Reina has stylised balls, which I appreciate, because I’ve recently developed a fascination with the real-life counterparts. Another plus is that the Reina is a very good price, especially for a body-safe silicone dildo. There’s a lot that I like about the Reina. It’s angled to hit the g-spot, it’s made of the softer silicone that I prefer, and it’s an easy size for my modest vagina. The silicone isn’t particularly staticy, so I don’t have to wash dust and errant dog hairs off it before each use. If I want to give it a proper scrub, the Reina is easy to clean, just like all silicone dildos.


This dildo didn’t give me earth-shattering orgasms, but that’s ok, because 1. I don’t want those kinds of orgasms in the first place, and 2. A dildo is a dildo is a dildo, and all that it’s supposed to do is feel good in your orifice of choice.

It’s just that bit too small for me to squeeze around it, but the softer silicone allows me to put gentle pressure on my G-spot. Because the shaft is quite thin, I can massage my G-spot with circular motions, which I don’t usually have the room to do with larger dildos. The coronal ridge provides a slight tug as I pull it out, but the ridge isn’t very pronounced, so I find that inwards motions are more enjoyable.

I’m able to thrust the Reina quite deep, and I can get a bit of A-spot stimulation, if I’m interested in that. However, I do find that the very tip can be uncomfortable on my cervix, because it is quite pointy compared to other dildos I own. I have to pull the dildo out a little when I’m about to orgasm, because the tip particularly bothers my cervix when the muscles contract and push them together.

Just after I’ve orgasmed, I’m really sensitive internally, so I either have to put all my focus into not clenching my PC muscles until the oversensitivity has passed, or yank a dildo out before my muscles start to twitch on their own. The Reina is so thin, however, that I can leave it in for a while, and the head is close enough to the shaft that I’m not overwhelmed when I pull it out.

An added bonus of the Reina is that it makes a great dildo for simulated oral. It’s quite short, so I don’t have more shaft than I can handle, and the balls give an extra visual appeal. For me, the non-realistic colour and semi-realistic design make for the perfect gender-affirming blowjob.


The Reina is equipped with a suction cup, but it isn’t a very strong one. I can pull it off a smooth surface without much difficulty, which says a lot, considering I’m equipped with weak little cripple hands. I can’t stick it to a rigid paddle to make it easier to thrust, because my vag just pulls it right off the paddle if I clench at all.

Also, the imprecision of the paddle method doesn’t work well with the Reina, because of the aforementioned cervix incompatibility. When I’m jerking off, I want to focus on the sensations of the toys I’m using, or the sounds in the porn I’m watching, rather than trying to calculate the proximity of the dildo to my cervix and making sure I don’t tense my muscles.

Unfortunately, the suction cup means that it’s also very hard to hold the Reina by the base. The base needs to be flexible for the suction to work, and this means that it crumples in my grip. I end up holding it in an uncomfortable dildo claw and I have to accept that my hand is out of commission for the next hour or so.

temp dildo claw
Image Description: My hand holding the Temptasia Reina. My thumb is hyper-extended, and the suction cup is bent in half between my fingers and thumb. Behind the dildo is my deck, covered in purple jacaranda flowers, with my small cream and brown coloured fluffy dog sitting in the bottom left of the frame.


Other than my specific issues with the suction cup, the Temptasia Reina is a good dildo. It’s pretty, it’s small, it’s a very good price. Penetration is vital for a good orgasm for me, especially if I’m particularly turned on, because I feel most of my sexual desire in my vag. While it probably won’t make it into my regular masturbation rotation, it’s useful to have for days when I need to get off but don’t want to be overstimulated.

I hate to repeat myself, but the easiest way to describe the Reina is “gentle”, and for that reason, it’s quite a versatile toy. If I didn’t have such a horrible GI system, I would try this as my first anal dildo. A small, semi-realistic silicone dildo is hard to find, honestly, and I wish I could give this to every gay or bisexual bottom I talked with about sex toys during my first year of university.

I am happy to recommend this toy, especially to people new to penetration. The cost means that you aren’t taking a big risk, and I think that the Reina has a lot of things to like – the smooth texture, the slight curve, the softer density, and so on. Blush Novelties have made another well-designed, affordable toy here, and I’m hoping that it will introduce many people to the ever-expanding world of sex toys.

You can buy the Temptasia Reina at some of my favourite stores: Peepshow Toys (US), Betty’s Toy Box (US)

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