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Blush Novelties Noje W3 Review

[Header Image Description: The Noje W3, a palm-sized wand vibrator with a curved light green handle and a white head, sitting in front of a magnetic wooden nativity scene. Surrounding the vibrator are animals, shepherds, the three kings, and the angels.]

So, I come back to blogging after a few months, and suddenly every toy I review is my new favourite! First the NS Novelties Wave, and now the Noje W3! What’s going on? Where have my standards gone? Have I lost my touch?

Well, unlike the last time I took a break from blogging, over this break, I’ve been jerking off a lot. As such, I’ve learnt a lot about my masturbatory preferences. I know what side of my vag my g-spot is on, I know how I like to hold my vibrators, and I know the kind of vibrations that get me off. There have been new toys coming out over the past few months that I haven’t heard about, so I’ve had a lot of options to choose from. During this time, Blush Novelties has been producing several lines of reportedly great toys at affordable prices. A lot of them are a bit difficult to find in Australia, because most of our body-safe retailers are also luxury retailers. However, I came across a few of the new Blush products at a little hole-in-the-wall sex shop near my psychiatrist, and a week later I braved the spring rain to pick up my very own Noje W3 in sage green. The Noje vibrators are small, affordable, rechargeable, and body-safe.

Image Description: The box of the Noje W3, with the vibrator visible through a clear window, and highlights such as the pictures on the box and the “o” in “Noje” in the same light green colour as the vibrator.


First, I just want to say how much I loved the packaging on the Noje vibes. I don’t often comment on packaging, but this packaging was really cute! It was just the right size for the toy, so there wasn’t all this excess plastic. I especially liked that the colour of the logo matched the colour of the toy, so you could immediately see the colour of the vibrator even if you couldn’t see through the clear window to the toy inside. I knew that I specifically wanted the green one, and it was really easy to find the right box, even with everything on a single hook.


I’ve already spoiled my verdict on the W3, but I want to explain a bit more about why this little vibe has become my new favourite. First of all, the vibrations are incredible. They’re stronger than I thought was possible from a vibe of this size, and they’re good quality vibrations as well. The first three levels of steady vibration are excitingly rumbly, and the buzz only really comes in on the fourth and fifth level. This isn’t usually very noticeable, except when I’ve drunk a bit too much and my whiskey dick demands the deeper penetrating vibrations that a rumbly toy provides.

The W3 isn’t as strong as my other portable wand vibrator, the Mystic Wand, but because of the quality of the vibrations, I find the W3 more enjoyable. I was switching between the W3 and the Mystic Wand to compare them, and it felt like a physical effort to pull the W3 away from my body when it was time to swap over, I was enjoying it that much. Even so, the strength difference between the W3 and the Mystic Wand is marginal. I can easily orgasm on the third vibration strength and higher, and the second level is enough if I’m not in a hurry. These vibrations travel up the handle, but they don’t make my fingers itch or rattle my joints like buzzy vibrations tend to.

There are also five patterns, but I only really like the first one. The only patterns I like are ones with very short gaps between vibrations, or no gaps at all, and the other four vibrations have gaps that are too long for my comfort. The patterns are after five steady vibration settings, so I mostly pretend that they aren’t there.

Also, these vibrations are seriously quiet. I’m hard of hearing, so I can’t hear it from more than a meter away, but my partner has said that they can’t hear it from under a doona cover. There’s nothing wrong with my eyes though, (okay, that’s a lie, I have chronically blurred vision) so I can sometimes see the “on” light through my summer-weight covers, which is a consideration if you need serious discretion. The base also lights up during charging, and because the Noje W3 uses magnetic charging, I find that I have to leave it on a flat surface so that the charger doesn’t get knocked off.

noje charging
Image Description: The bright light at the base of the Noje W3.


The W3 has good vibrations down pat. Good vibrations equals a good vibrator, most of the time. But why is the W3 my new favourite? I’ve actually cried about how much I love this vibrator, and I haven’t done that about any other toy I’ve ever used or owned. It all comes down to the design. This is why I wanted the W3 over any other vibrator in the Noje line.

As I’ve said before, I prefer broader vibrations that cover my whole clit, but the W3 is really tiny! Because the vibrations are so rumbly and reach my internal clitoris with ease, the size of the head isn’t actually much of an issue. The W3 isn’t so small that it becomes too intense, like I find with lipstick vibes, and it still covers enough surface area.

The neck of the vibrator is flexible, as is standard for wand vibrators, but this is a level of flexibility that I really appreciate. I like a bit of pressure on my clit when I’m jerking off, but if the neck of a vibrator is too flexible, I have to hold onto the head to provide that pressure. The W3’s flexible neck allows me to move my wrist into the most comfortable position rather than forcing me to put strain on my wrist and fingers to use it.

The most unique thing about the W3, aside from its adorable size, is the curved handle. This handle is incredible. It feels like the W3 was made for my body. I can hold it comfortably in my hand, which I have never done with a vibrator designed for external stimulation. (Internal vibrators like the Prism V and the We-Vibe Rave work really well as external vibes in this case!) I can also just lie the W3 on my body, with the handle curving over my mons, and my palm pressing it down gently. Using the W3 like that, along with an internal vibrator, is the most comfortable and relaxing way to have an orgasm for me.


I only have two issues with the W3, and they’re really tiny qualms. I have gotten some public hair caught in the neck of the vibrator on occasion, and that’s a little uncomfortable, but I think that has more to do with the impressive (if I do say so myself) length of my pubic hair and less to do with the design of the vibrator.

The other problem is about the power button, but it’s one of those problems that just can’t be fixed. I get overstimulated very quickly after orgasm, thanks to testosterone, and it takes too long to turn off the W3 for my liking. However, I hit the button accidentally during use sometimes, so if it had a shorter response time, I would end up turning it off when I didn’t want to. But the button couldn’t be moved to a different part of the handle, because then I would cover it with my fingers, and so on. Honestly, I think that whatever mild annoyance I have over the W3’s button is inconsequential when I consider how much I love literally every other part of the vibrator.

Image Description: The Noje W3 in sage green, lying on a sage plant.


The phrase “beginner’s toy” gets thrown around a lot, but I think that the W3, or really anything from the Noje line, would make a great first vibrator. First of all, the head is body-safe silicone, which is rare for cheap toys and is even rarer for wand vibrators. As well as being body-safe, it’s actually good, which is the second most important consideration for a beginner’s vibrator. It’s a flowchart of “will this vibrator give me chemical burns?” to “Will this vibrator grow mould?” to “Will this vibrator make me think that vibrators don’t work for my body because it is almost entirely incapable of giving someone pleasure?”

Another bonus is that it’s pretty cheap, all things considered, so you’re not taking a massive risk – I laid out double the price of the W3 on my first vibrator, and it broke within a week. Other sellign points are the discretion aspect – this is a pretty small and quiet vibe, especially for its strength – and the fact that it’s rechargeable, and has a really long battery life.

When I first saw the W3, I was yet to move into my new house, and I wanted a vibrator that I could leave in my partner’s room for times when I stayed over. I thought the W3 might get me off, but I didn’t think I’d want to use it with any regularity. In reality, I’ve fallen so deeply in love with the W3 that it not only lives in my bedside drawer, but also my toiletries bag. Sometimes I put it in my bag, even when I’m not going someplace that I can jerk off, just because I can. It’s small enough that I can take it just about everywhere, and I fully intend to.

If you’re interested in buying a Noje W3, you can find one at my favourite stores: Betty’s Toy Box (US), Peepshow Toys (US)

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