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April Fools Review: Erotic Encounters With The Mothman

[Header Image Description: Erotic Encounters With The Mothman, a thin magazine-sized book, with a cover image of a night sky. To the left of the book are the Danger! Mothman! Yu-Gi-Oh! card and the bright orange Fun Factory Big Boss G5]

It’s April Fools! I’m sure your feeds and emails are filling up with hilarious posts from talented bloggers. Unfortunately, I don’t really possess the skill of being deliberately funny, so I haven’t done anything for April Fools on this blog before. I do, however, possess a lot of weird shit, one such item being a book of Mothman erotica, descriptively titled Erotic Encounters With The Mothman: Meredith Meets the Mothman by Gwendolyn Rose. As an avid fan of both cryptids and erotic fiction, I couldn’t avoid buying this book, and when it arrived on my doorstep in November last year, I held out for five whole months for this here April Fools review.

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Womanizer Liberty Review

[Header Image Description: The Womanizer Liberty, a sky blue pressure wave toy. It has a white nozzle with a silver ring around it, white buttons, and a cover that is moulded to the shape of the toy. It is sitting on a blue-grey pillowcase]

It was my unofficial goal of 2019 to review more blue toys, because the back room of my parent’s house is just full of great photo backdrops. How fortuitous that my first review of the year is the Womanizer Liberty, in light blue, sent to me by the wonderful folks at Betty’s Toy Box!

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