Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo Review

[Header Image Description: The Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo, a navy blue semi-realistic dildo, lying on a burgundy scarf with white flowers.]

I’ve had my eyes on the Blush Novelties Real Nude line for years, and I’m so excited that Betty’s Toy Box sent me the Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo in exchange for an honest review! Blush Novelties has been producing some really great products over the past few years, and I’ve been lucky enough to review a few already. But the most exciting thing Blush is doing, in my opinion, is producing a whole range of affordable, body-safe, dual-density dildos. I’m a sucker for squish, and dual-density dildos are my favourite type. Dual-density dildos are great for gender affirmation, easily overwhelmed vaginas, and strap-on sex, and I had to know how the Real Nude line stood up to other dildos.

Packaging & Design

The Rollo is a semi-realistic dildo, with a sloped head and stylised veins, but it doesn’t have that severed penis look some dildos can have. I have the Rollo in a colour Blush calls “Indigo”, but I think it’s closer to a navy blue. I’m not a big fan of this particular colour, because it reminds me a bit too much of my school uniforms. The other option is a pinky-purple, which I’m not crazy about, but I recognise that I’m overly fussy about colours.

The packaging is minimal, just plastic and a cardboard insert, but I respect waste minimisation. The most exciting thing about opening the Rollo, though, is that it comes with a storage bag! Like, c’mon! It’s 2019! We need more dildos with storage bags!

The Rollo isn’t a lint magnet or as sticky as other dual-density dildos (cough cough the Mustang cough cough) but I still like the option of a storage bag so I can throw it in a backpack and forget about it until I need it. Of course, being silicone, the Rollo is easy to sanitise, but the bag is useful if you don’t sanitise between every use.

rollo 2
Image Description: A close up of the blunt head of the Rollo.


The Rollo is incredibly squishy, even more than the Mustang. The entire head of the Rollo is just the softer outer layer. With my admittedly poor finger strength, I can compress it about half the way.  It’s both longer and thicker than my average dildo, at 8 inches in length and 1.6 inches in diameter. However, the softness means that I can adjust the the larger size with a very slight stretch. I have an incredibly sensitive cervix, and I’ve never once bruised it with the Rollo, no matter how hard I jam it up my vag. The extra length makes the Rollo easier to thrust, because I have extra length to hold onto.

Though the vein-like texture doesn’t come across in use, the stretch means that the Rollo is still a good thrusting dildo. I can also use the Rollo as a set-it-and-forget-it dildo because the stretch is enough to keep my bag occupied during a quick jerk-off session. If I’m going to get any significant G-spot stimulation, I really need a curved dildo, so most of the stimulation from the Rollo is focused at the vaginal entrance. Because the head is so soft, I can’t feel a particular shape during use.

I also love that the Rollo has great suction. I’ve spoken before about the suction cup method that I use, and I was surprised at how well the Rollo fared, especially because my bag had a pretty song grip on it and the other Blush Dildo I own, the Temptasia Reina, didn’t have a very strong suction cup at all.

Strap-On Compatibility

In a recent post I wrote about how important penetration was to my sexuality and so I want to talk a bit about strap-on compatibility! The base of the Rollo is entirely the firmer silicone and tapers before the phalange, which makes for a more stable base. It can withstand a full strap-on helicopter hip spin and still stay in place.

Because of the weight and flexibility, the Rollo does sag a lot, especially in lower-cut harnesses like the Aslan Jaguar. This isn’t entirely negative: it means it’s easier to hard pack. (I love Artemisia FemmeCock’s A Femme’s Guide to Hard Packing, if you’re looking for tips.)

The main differences between the slouchy Rollo versus a more upright dildo like the Godemiche Ambit are that it doesn’t provide the same proud peacock visual, and a few positions become more difficult because the weight of the dildo is working against you. I almost exclusively bottom lying on my back, and unless I am wholly in my top’s lap, the angle takes a while to perfect. The length also reduces the top’s ability for precision. The squishy head means that Those Of Delicate Cervix can rest easy, because there’s a reasonable margin for error.


As far as concrete negatives go, I can’t think of many, if any. There are a few cosmetic imperfections on my Rollo, but they don’t affect cleanliness or use, and I can’t be certain that they were there before I opened the package. The super soft head does pose a bit of an issue during initial insertion because the firm core is introduced all at once, rather than through a gradual stretch. All I need to do to remedy this is use just a bit more lube and make sure I’m properly aroused before I start inserting.

rollo 3

[Image Description: The Rollo, standing upright to show its height.]


If I had to categorise the Rollo, it would be as an intermediate level or training dildo. If you’re working yourself up to larger sizes, the 1.6 inch diameter is a good middle ground, and the dual-density silicone is more forgiving. If you want to introduce longer and thicker dildos into your strap-on repertoire, the extra-soft tip means that the top can get used to the extra length and girth without pummelling the bottom more than they want to be. At around 50USD, I think it’s a reasonable price for a “next step”.

Even if you’re not planning to switch up your sex or masturbation patterns, there’s something to be said for the Rollo’s versatility: it performs remarkably well whether stationary, thrusted, or strapped. This versatility means that the Rollo is going to become a solid part of my toy arsenal, which is impressive for a dildo that provides very little G-spot stimulation and is a stretch (if you’ll excuse the pun) beyond my regular size preferences. I’m really impressed with the Rollo, and I’m happy to declare it as another feather in Blush Novelties’ cap.

You can buy the Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo at Betty’s Toy Box (US) or Peepshow Toys (US)

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