Blogs I Love

These are blogs that I love and think you should read. Some of them introduced me to the world of sex blogging, and every one of them encourages me to keep writing and reviewing.

Podcasts I Love

I’m in love with sex ed podcasts! They feel so accessible and natural, and I can listen to them wherever I am. You can find these podcasts on any app.

Retailers I Love

For Australians, I cannot recommend Max Black enough. It’s the first brick-and-mortar shop I ever visited, and it’s not intimidating in the least. They sell a wide range of body safe, quality toys, with a lean more towards luxury items. They also ship to New Zealand.

If shipping costs put you off, then Lovehoney is for you. They do sell a lot of really questionable toys, but if you know what you’re looking for, Lovehoney is a good option. They have an Australian warehouse, so you can get a Doxy Wand or something similar with an AU plug. Free shipping if your order is over $60! I am an affiliate to Lovehoney AU and Lovehoney US.

Early to Bed is a rad little store. While they don’t have the same range as their competitors, they do have a really good selection of gender affirming products for transmasculine people. I am an affiliate for Early to Bed.

My favourite and quirkiest impact toys have come from RavenHawk Toys. They have a unique range of kink gear, usually at quite reasonable prices. I keep their business card in my wallet at all times!

If you dig independent Australian manufacturers, you’ll love Geeky Sex Toys. The team at Geeky Sex Toys are constantly designing new toys that will make your nerd heart sing. They also make handmade pride flag dildos and butt plugs!