Body-Safe Toy Materials

[Header Image Description: A photo of me, Finn, a pale-skinned indigenous non-binary person with straight blond hair past my shoulders. I am looking quizzically into the distance, holding a purple dildo and a pink bottle of Sliquid Sassy lube. I am wearing a shirt that says “This is my selfie top”.]

I talk a lot about body-safe toys on this blog, but I have never explained what I mean in my own words. Maybe you’ve just walked into a brick-and-mortar store and found a wall of products that you’ve never heard of before – how do you make sure that your next purchase won’t harm you? Hopefully this guide will help you work that out. Continue reading “Body-Safe Toy Materials”


Toy Cleaning and Maintenance

[Header Image Description: A light pink dildo, the Fun Factory Bouncer, under a stream of water.]

So, you’ve got yourself a new sex toy, and you want to keep it clean! A good dildo should theoretically last you a lifetime, so I would recommend looking after it properly to get the most use out of it. Even if you’ve bought a vibrator with a motor will eventually give out, you still want to make sure you don’t prematurely end your time with it. This cleaning and maintenance guide only applies to body-safe toys, because unsafe toys are more volatile and can’t be cleaned. Continue reading “Toy Cleaning and Maintenance”

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How To Buy Your First Strap On: Transmasculine Edition

[Header Image Description: A photo of my lower stomach and hips. I am wearing a grey shirt and red boxer shorts, with the peach toned Tantus Realdoe poking out through the slit of the boxers. I am standing in front of a green wall]

Guides to buying your first strap on are easy to find, but what if your strap on means more to you than just fucking? How do you shop for a strap on that doesn’t just fit your sexual needs, but also your emotional ones? For a lot of transmasculine people, this is an key question. My strap on set-up was incredibly important when I was first exploring the relationship between my gender and my sexuality. In fact, the first dildo I ever bought was primarily for strap on use. Being the penetrating partner can be very affirming for transmasculine people, especially for people who desire bottom surgery. Even if you don’t want bottom surgery, a strap on can still be an occasional way to alter your appearance to appear more traditionally masculine. Personally, my strap on is a physical representation of my gender, even if I’m feeling a little more feminine. Masculinity is an important part of me, and expressing that during sex is gratifying. A strap on can make you feel more in control, both of the situation and of your gender presentation. Your first strap requires a bit of thought, and hopefully this guide will help you out. Continue reading “How To Buy Your First Strap On: Transmasculine Edition”