Paloqueth Rotating Beads Vibrator

[Header Image Description: The Paloqueth Rotating Balls Vibrator, a small egg shaped vibrator with a white plastic handle and a purple silicone bottom.]

The jig is up! A few days ago, with a well concealed ulterior motive, I posted my review of the Lelo Ora 2. I received the Rotating Beads Vibrator (here-in referred to as the RBV) from Paloqueth a little while back, and I wanted to provide some context for why I was so excited about this odd-looking vibe.

The Paloqueth RBV is a similar in concept to the Lelo Ora; it has vibration functions, as well as three rotating beads that provide manual stimulation. In case you haven’t read the review I wrote of the Ora 2, I’ll quickly explain what was so special about it so you don’t have to click out of this review before you’ve finished it. Due to my autism, I have a propensity towards sensory overload. It’s much too overwhelming for someone to touch my clit directly, but I still like motion while I’m jerking off. I’ve found vibrators with rotating beads to satiate that craving, while still being predictable enough and having the added distraction of vibration to keep the sensory overload at bay.

There are still some issues I have with the RBV, but I’d be much happier to recommend it over the Lelo Ora 2.


I’m not going to lie to you, the RBV looks more like a back massager than a vibrator – and not in the sexy industrial wand vibrator way. It reminds me of the kinds of pressure point balls I use to release the muscles around my spine and the odd shade of purple really adds to this impression. As I’ve come to expect from Paloqueth, the packaging was lovely, but I just wish the vibrator itself was a different colour.

While the RBV doesn’t look as sleek and luxurious as the Ora, the shape of the vibe is near perfect for me. The way I hold it feels so natural, and my fingers can relax during use. I don’t have to bend my wrist, and can rest my arm on my stomach comfortably. Hardly any of the weight of the vibrator is carried by my hand, and the RBV is very light to begin with. I also have plenty of room to use a dildo or internal vibrator.

The handle is very close to the motor, so a lot of the vibrations come up to where my fingers sit. This isn’t much of a problem for me, but I know other people have issues with handle vibrations.


rbv 1
Image Description: A light skinned hand holding the RBV, showing that the small button has to be pressed with the tip of the thumb nail.

The button is in a strange location, and it is entirely swallowed by my mons during use, so I can’t change settings without moving the vibe. I also found the button too small, and I have to use my thumb nail if I want to press it with much accuracy.

The controls were confusing, as well, because you hold the power button once to turn it on, then press a second time to start the speeds. I don’t really understand the purpose of having an extra press to turn on the vibe, and I just thought that it was out of battery before I read the instructions. I guessssssss I could have just read the instructions before I turned it on, but I like to live life on the edge.


It has to be said: the vibrations on the RBV are buzzier and less penetrating than the vibrations on the Ora. However, the difference is small enough that I still enjoy the RBV’s vibrations. My main qualm with the quality of the Ora’s vibrations is that the Ora is a luxury toy, with a price point well over the $100 mark. For the price of the RBV, I’d say the vibrations are par for the course; nothing spectacular, but not abysmal either. Additionally, I like a bit of buzz with these vibrators, because the slight numbing of the vibrations takes the edge off the manual stimulation of the balls.

There are only 3 speeds on the RBV, which is less than I prefer, but something I’ve had to get used to. 3 patterns just doesn’t work with my masturbation cycle, guys! I need at least a fourth speed, just that little extra kick at the end, and I’ve only found this in a handful of vibes.

I didn’t enjoy the pulsation patterns on the RBV much. I find pulsation patterns unappealing on most vibrators, and the RBV is no difference. Because of the circuit of the balls, I couldn’t distinguish the pattern beginning from the balls moving around. Even if you’re a pattern die-hard, I don’t think the RBV works well with pulsation patterns.

Image Description: The RBV from the bottom, showing the three rotating balls that touch the genitals.


The best thing about the RBV is that it has three rotating balls, whereas the Ora only has one. They don’t protrude from the silicone as much as the Ora 2, but I get that thrill of the balls lightly flicking my clit three times as often! The three balls feel more uniform, and are also noticeably faster. The circuit of the balls is generous despite the compact size of the RBV, and my larger-than-average clit gets even attention. I prefer broad stim from my vibes, and I’m generally sceptical of smaller vibrators, but the RBV manages just fine.

Compared to the Ora, it was significantly easier to orgasm with the RBV, even though, as I mentioned before, I didn’t like the vibrations as much. I think this is because the grip on the RBV was much more natural, so I didn’t have to stop and reposition, or think too hard about keeping a grip on the vibration.

Even so, I did find the RBV to be more overwhelming just before, during, and after orgasm. I usually pull a vibrator to the base of my clit or right onto my mons at that point, but because the RBV’s vibrations aren’t as rumbly and penetrating as something like the Mystic Wand, I can’t do that. It means I get the full brunt of the vibrator. Sometimes this is just too much for me, and thinking about using the RBV makes my vulva want to retreat up into my body.

As a sex nerd, something that fascinated me was that I felt that I was wetter when using the RBV. After testosterone, I produce less natural lubrication and don’t usually feel “wet” when I’m aroused. With the RBV, though, I noticed more lubrication that I did with other vibrators. The Doxy Wand has no noticeable impact on my lubrication, for example. I’m not sure how I would test the hypothesis, but I wonder if it’s due to the manual stimulation of the balls causing my body to become more physically aroused.


The RBV is better than the Ora, but in a “more pros, less cons” rather than a “no cons” way. There are issues with the RBV, like its vibration quality, but those are mostly different issues to the Ora, and ones that I am not as bothered by. The RBV is cheaper, better designed, not made by Lelo, and doesn’t make any claims to be like oral sex. Those are all big pluses in my book.

I still think this style of vibrator is a niche interest, but the RBV isn’t exorbitantly expensive, so if you’re on the look out for new, odd sensations, it might be an option.


2019 Run Down

[Header Image Description: A clock reaching midnight.]

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My goal last year was to review more light-weight wands, and thanks to the people at Paloqueth, I’ve been able to review their Wand Massager. I liked a lot of things about the Paloqueth Wand, but there was one major fault that all but ruined the vibrator for me.

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I’ve been really thinking about affordable toy recommendations this year. I’m confident that I’ve found a few cheaper dildo recommendations, and I’m always on the lookout for affordable external vibrators, but I’m at a total loss when it comes to cheaper insertable vibrators. That’s why I was so chuffed when Paloqueth reached out to me about reviewing one of their incredibly affordable products. I’ve heard whisperings of the Mermaid being particularly good, and a good quality, rechargeable, silicone vibrator for around AUD 40 sounded like something I absolutely had to get my hands on!

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