Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo Review

[Header Image Description: The Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo, a navy blue semi-realistic dildo, lying on a burgundy scarf with white flowers.]

I’ve had my eyes on the Blush Novelties Real Nude line for years, and I’m so excited that Betty’s Toy Box sent me the Blush Novelties Real Nude Rollo in exchange for an honest review! Blush Novelties has been producing some really great products over the past few years, and I’ve been lucky enough to review a few already. But the most exciting thing Blush is doing, in my opinion, is producing a whole range of affordable, body-safe, dual-density dildos. I’m a sucker for squish, and dual-density dildos are my favourite type. Dual-density dildos are great for gender affirmation, easily overwhelmed vaginas, and strap-on sex, and I had to know how the Real Nude line stood up to other dildos.

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Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina Review

[Header Image Description: The Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina, a thin, semi-realistic, turquoise blue dildo, with light vein detailing, small balls, and a suction cup, sitting against a blue and white striped couch.]

Vibrant (a store that is unfortunately no longer with us!) sent me The Blush Novelties Temptasia Reina in exchange for an honest review, and had put it in their “First Toys” list, and I wholeheartedly agree with that decision. I feel like I’ve seen dildos shaped like this made of jelly rubber and TPR, particularly in “beginner’s” sets. It’s great to see a familiar design made of a material that isn’t going to give you chemical burns or a bacterial infection, especially at a comparable price.

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Dildo, In the top drawer

Can You Handle It? Tantus Handles Review

[Header Image Description: The Tantus Goddess Handle, Anaconda Handle, Echo Handle, and G-Force Handle, sitting in a clear crystal vase, on a granite bench top. A cream fridge, white cabinets, and wooden floorboards are visible in the background.]

Being physically disabled frequently means existing in a world that wasn’t designed with you in mind. Out of necessity, a lot of disabled people need to be incredibly innovative, and our sex lives are not exempt from this. I’ve recently become a proponent of the paddle method, which has made masturbation so much easier. I’ve held vibes in ways they aren’t meant to be held, and found new positions that keeps my joints happy during partnered sex. However, every once in a while, there’s a product which has disabled people in mind. In this instance, I’m talking about the Tantus handles. I’ve seen them on plenty of lists about sex toys for people with physical disabilities but I haven’t seen many reviews specifically about the accessibility of these dildos. Tantus kindly sent me the whole handled range in exchange for a review.

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Tantus Cush O2 Review

[Header Image Description: The Tantus Cush O2, a purple dildo with a milky exterior, with two ridges on the upper portion of the body. It is lying in a sink.]

I’ve had a conflicted history with the Tantus Cush O2. I bought it with my Christmas money in July of last year, (2015) after lusting after it for almost a year. I’d read every review I could find, I’d held and poked it multiple times in my local sex shop, I’d told friends and partners all about it. It finally arrived in the mail, in a glorious silky purple that Tantus call Twilight, (the blue was out of stock) and I instantly fell in love.

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Dildo, In the bin

Fun Factory Amor Review

[Header Image Description: The Fun Factory Amor, a small black dildo, stuck to my wooden bedhead.]

The Fun Factory Amor was my first ever dildo. I bought it from my favourite store, Max Black, after I found out that the Fuze Velvet wasn’t in stock. I was mostly drawn in by the velvety feel of the silicone, which seemed unspeakably luxurious. It has to be said, this is a good quality toy. I spent a good five minutes stroking the demo Amor while browsing other toys, and had really made my decision before I even saw the rest of the dildos on offer. I’ve loved Fun Factory’s funky designs and packaging ever since I first laid eyes on the Amor. Everything about the company is, well, fun. The Amor is small, affordable, semi-realistic, and well-shaped. I was looking for something that was gender affirming, but not grotesque in its realism like some PVC cocks can be. The Amor has a stylised head and a smooth shaft, but doesn’t have vein details. For a while, I’ve been disappointed that I got the Amor in black rather than orange, because the reason Fun Factory is so exciting is precisely because the colours of their toys deviate from the pinks and purples we so often see. It also comes in a pale flesh tone. Everything set the Amor up to be the perfect first dildo, but as well as their unique designs, Fun Factory is notorious for something else – their seriously draggy silicone. The texture that felt so good in my hands doesn’t work for my junk. Continue reading “Fun Factory Amor Review”