In the top drawer, Vibrator

Hot Octopuss DiGiT

[Header Image Description: The Hot Octopuss DiGiT, a black finger vibrator with a bulbous silicone body, and a rosy plastic base. The side of the vibrator has “Hot Octopuss” written in raised text and two small oval speed buttons. A plastic figure-eight style finger loop with the Hot Octopuss crown logo on it connects to the base. The vibrator sits on a green leather table with intricate gold borders.]

Finger vibrators, like rabbits, are another candidate ripe for image rehabilitation in the sex toy sphere. I know when I think “finger vibe” my mind automatically goes to the cheap single-use vibrator rings you can buy from rusty condom machines. A few companies (a sizeable handful, if you will) have been releasing revamped finger vibes made with body safe materials and decent motors. Hot Octopuss reached out to me to review the DiGiT, and as a person with grip and dexterity issues, my interest was definitely piqued.

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Paloqueth Wand Massager Review

[Header Image Description: The Paloqueth Wand Massager, a pink wand massager, lying on a blue floral scarf. It is inside a black gauze drawsting bag. The body of the vibrator is covered in silicone, except for a silver section at the base of the handle. The handle has lines of ovals pressed into it, and three indented buttons.]

My goal last year was to review more light-weight wands, and thanks to the people at Paloqueth, I’ve been able to review their Wand Massager. I liked a lot of things about the Paloqueth Wand, but there was one major fault that all but ruined the vibrator for me.

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Paloqueth Mermaid Review

[Header Image Description: The Paloqueth Mermaid, a long purple vibrator with a light curve and a divot to make it resemble a mermaid’s tail. The vibrator is sitting on sea salt flakes, spread across a coffee-coloured granite benchtop, in front of a blue and white striped sea salt container.]

I’ve been really thinking about affordable toy recommendations this year. I’m confident that I’ve found a few cheaper dildo recommendations, and I’m always on the lookout for affordable external vibrators, but I’m at a total loss when it comes to cheaper insertable vibrators. That’s why I was so chuffed when Paloqueth reached out to me about reviewing one of their incredibly affordable products. I’ve heard whisperings of the Mermaid being particularly good, and a good quality, rechargeable, silicone vibrator for around AUD 40 sounded like something I absolutely had to get my hands on!

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In the top drawer, Vibrator

Blush Novelties Noje W3 Review

[Header Image Description: The Noje W3, a palm-sized wand vibrator with a curved light green handle and a white head, sitting in front of a magnetic wooden nativity scene. Surrounding the vibrator are animals, shepherds, the three kings, and the angels.]

So, I come back to blogging after a few months, and suddenly every toy I review is my new favourite! First the NS Novelties Wave, and now the Noje W3! What’s going on? Where have my standards gone? Have I lost my touch?

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Lovehoney Desire Luxury Curved G-Spot Vibrator Review

[Header Image Description: The Desire Luxury Curved G-Spot Vibrator, a purple vibrator sitting on a light wood floor, in front of a light blue textured plaster wall. The vibrator has a bulbous head, followed by a deep curve, then a thicker handle portion. The handle portion has a slight curve as well.]

I bought a lot of my first sex toys from Lovehoney – the Doxy Wand, and the Feeldoe, for example. I still buy my lube from Lovehoney, and I continue to find real showstopper toys in their broad collection. Lovehoney is as much of a part in my sex toy experience as Max Black, but a blindspot in my knowledge was Lovehoney’s own range of sex toys. Thanks to the wonderful team at Lovehoney, I’ve been able to fill in some of that gap, because I’ve been sent the Desire Luxury Curved G-Spot Vibrator in exchange for a review.

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